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Jan 10 2021:
I put Ruffle (flash emulation software) on PizzaDude.ca so most flash animations / games will still work even now that flash is dead. Enjoy! Note: Some flash animations / games on this site might have issues, such as no audio, or some image effects might be missing. I will update Ruffle periodically as more bugs get fixed.

Sometime in the past:
Hello, it is me, Pizza Dude. I am broadcasting this from the future. If you've been on this site before, you may be wondering, where's the news section? Where's the news section that never gets updated? Well, it was getting hammered by spammers and maybe even hackers too. So, I decided to remove it.

If you want a blog that I'm somewhat-actively working on, visit my Linux blog LinuxSurge.com

That's all for today, see you in cyberspace!


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