Here are some programs/songs/wallpapers that I have created. They are provided in a zipped folder. If you can't unzip a folder, I suggest using 7zip. Windows XP has a built in folder-unzipping-thing.

From Sontuk:

Mario Kart thing by Sontuk
Matrix Cow's GOOD ALBUM by Sontuk


Select the wallpaper sizes. Currently there are: 1024x768 / 800x600 / 1024x1280

MSN Stuff:

MSN Smiley Pack 1 Download!
MSN Smiley Pack 2 Download!

New Music (Made with FLstudio):


Old Music:

Computer Noises
It's-A-Me! Mario Remix

Music by Mr. Pineapple:

The Acid Pineapple
Manhorin Money
The Music is Moving
The Very Blue Blues Right click > Save Target As or Save Link As to download.
Also, here's some snazzy album art I made for him. (Download it!)


Doodles Download!

Candle Screensaver Preview Download!

 Sims 2 Downloads:

Sims 2 Houses/Lots


Count-The-Dots Download!
Plus added humour and easter eggs (hidden stuff)!

Dos Buddy Download!


Virtual Digital Alarm Clock

Other stuff:

Download "Blocky" font.
View preview
Download "Doodle" font.
View preview
To install these, unzip the folder, then drag the font file into the "Fonts" folder.