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Videos of various things that can be done with Android

Android + Mupen64PlusAE + WiiMote&Nunchuck = AWESOME

A video of me playing Super Mario 64 on Mupen64Plus AE (A N64 Emulator for Android)
In this video I am using my WiiMote as the controller. The Wii Remote connects via bluetooth.
You can get the app I used here: WiiMote Controller App Link I do not guarantee it will work on your device.
The Mupen64Plus AE emulator requires a lot of processing power.
I personally use a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 that has 1GB of ram and is 1GHz (dual core).

Video Game Emulators for Android - An In Depth Review

What the title says. It's 16 minutes long. It covers a lot of emulators you can get.

NeoDroid - NeoGeo Emulator for Android

I show you NeoDroid, a free NeoGeo emulator for android.
Get it here
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