James The Fox
James The Fox

James The Fox
Once upon a time,
there was a fox named James.
James was a unique fox.
He was unique because, unlike other foxes,
he did not eat meat.
He ate noodles.
James' favorite food was noodles.
His favorite noodle type was ramen.
One morning, when James woke up,
He noticed that all his ramen went missing.
So James went to the super market.
He strutted into the noodle aisle.
There was no ramen left.
James went home to see if he had any.
He checked his basement, but there was none.
He checked his closet, there was none.
He checked his garbage, there was none.
Where was the ramen?
James went to his friend Alex's house.
He asked Alex if he had any ramen.
Alex said yes.
James walked in to Alex's house.
It was filled with ramen!
James asked Alex if he stole it from him.
Alex admitted that he did.
James was annoyed, but he asked why.
Alex replied that he was sick of eating meat.
James told him that in the future,
Alex should ask if he could have some and to not steal.
But why was the supermarket out of ramen...?

The end.
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