The Missing Luigi

A Mario fan fiction by Pizza Dude (PizzaDude.Ca)



One day in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario was walking to his house to give Luigi a gift. The gift was spaghetti. It was Luigi's favourite meal. As Mario was opening the door, he noticed something. LUIGI WAS MISSING! There was a note from KING KOOPA. King Koopa was the king of the koopas, a turtle like species. He was often referred to as BOWSER, and was very evil. Mario went off to Bowser's castle, so he could find Luigi. Mario jumped across the gaps in the land, swam through the deep blue sea, and slid down the flag poles. Eventually, he was at the gate. Mario attempted to open the metal door to the Bowser's castle. But it was locked. He looked up at the night sky. It was dark and gloomy with poisonous gas swirling around. He had to think of an idea fast. Mario climbed up the dry bricks and fell into the window. Mario slammed flat on the red carpet. Across from it, was the king's throne, with Bowser snoozing on it.

Mario tippy-toed across the carpet and peeked behind Bowser, Luigi lied there trapped. Mario whispered to Luigi but not only did it wake him up, it woke up Bowser also...

"WHADDYA WANT?" snarled Bowser.

"I want Luigi!" demanded Mario.

"But he's on my side now", Bowser replied.

Mario decided to give Luigi his gift that he was planning to give before all this. So he gave the spaghetti to Luigi. Luigi threw it back at Mario. Mario was confused. Mario saw a tag on Luigi that said "CLONE L".

"He must be an evil clone", thought Mario.

Above them was the real Luigi, dangling on a chain, about to drop into a pool of lava. Mario ran up the wall, and grabbed Luigi. They both ran away from Bowser and back to the Mushroom Kingdom where they lived. Mario installed a security system to their house so it would never happen again.