My first post

As you may know, has been down for several days, while I waited until I was able to transfer the domain and hosting to a new provider. The registrar/hosting provider is Namecheap.
The cost of running the website is now way cheaper, and I can do more things with the site.
One neat thing that Namecheap offers is an automated installer for web applications such as PHPbb, SMF, and WordPress.
I used this to my advantage, and since I can install WordPress, why not start a new blog!?
So I did.
This blog is dedicated to technology and linux related topics.
It might contain linux tips/tricks.
It might even go a little off-topic sometimes. Who knows.
I plan to update this more often than my regular news page.
If there’s anyone out there, I have one message for you.

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  1. vinit kumar says:

    Hate to be rude. This is easily the site with most awful fonts. Please switch to a better theme and also use embedding code when u are posting some code.

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